"The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them." - Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine, 07-10-2006

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Young forever!

Yesterday I was chatting with one my friends about 'not' growing old. During that conversation I said one line, about which I did not think until now.

"today I am younger than tomorrow ... so I am young forever"

But when I think about it now, I feel that I almost created a beautiful quote. Sometimes its not bad to take self-credit. ;))

But as long as its in first person it sounds bit selfish, let me be generous and re-phrase it for all you out there. Also this to put on record I was the first person on face of earth to say this in case I become famous down the line ... :)

"Today you are younger than tomorrow ... so you are young forever".

Dedicated to all those who think age-defining creams can hold your age.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cleaned off Himesh

Just now did a Shift+Del on all Himesh Reshammiya songs.

What prompted such an extreme behaviour? Because of him my music taste has come under scanner. Usually I play my entire music folder without picking or choosing. And these days with mp3s and huge storage you always have all sorts of songs. I had few Himesh songs. With so many songs who has the time to remove selected few from play list. And these days I was putting my current song as my status in GTalk. Two of my friends have put question mark on my choice of music when the saw Himesh songs playing. :(

So I decided to do away with Himesh songs so I don't get to listen them and my friends don't doubt my eardrums. Also, for record, I don't like songs sung by Himesh Reshammiya. Not very musical to the ears.

Public Interest Info: Spidey bores!

If you read this post well in time stay away from Spider-Man 3.

It easily finds its way to the my most boring movies' list. It can way be called an action movie, the best it can be called a romantic movie but that too will be a crime to many beautiful romantic flicks.

I frankly do not have anything to say about it. Don't what they tried to show in the movie. Spiderman is half-time confused and other-half fighting with his girlfriend. Takes lot of time to reach the scene of action, like the Bollywood cops even they have improved these days. Total incapable to match the bad guys. So many stories intermingled and almost nil action, whatever action is there Superman is trying to save himself, makes this edition a big time disaster.

You can surely count me out even if they are optimistic to make 4th edition, cant risk it second time.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Unnale Unnale

Thats the Tamil movie I saw this Friday. My 4th one after coming to Chennai. No, don't get an idea that I have learned Tamil. 2 years in the city I still hardly managed the language. Yes, I can communicate and understand but definitely not converse or follow Tamil. For the movie I went with my office colleagues so had lots translators to help me out. After movie we went to KFC. We had a nice time and lots of fun, including one of them banging in a glass wall not realizing there was glass wall. :)

About Unnale Unnale? The movie was boring, not because I understood only 60% but in fact in Hindi too it would have been equally boring. But songs were definitely cool.

Microsoft eyeing Yahoo takeover!

I hope many of you would have seen this headline recently, in case you missed it here are few links I came across:


Are you surprised? I am not. This definitely a big breaking news but not a surprise. Microsoft and Yahoo both companies were feeling the heat increasing dominance and market share of Google. Google has now entered almost all spheres of internet-based services. It has been doing really good and in some cases provided some path-breaking services. Microsoft and Yahoo were the original market leaders but these days they are mostly trying to catch up with Google.

Microsoft is surely the strongest in desktop application and proprietary softwares. Yahoo was doing good and had a huge head start with Google concentrating on search business for long. But search alone has earned Google a huge population of faithfuls on the web and when it choose to diversify it didn't have sweat it out to get people to start using its services. Also, personally I like Google services better simple they give lots features for free service which others give in their paid services and all Google services are by far more simpler to use.

Hats off to Google!! If this merger happens I don't see Google getting threatened by it but it definitely shows Google has been doing everything right all these days.