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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Google explained

"Google Fellow Urs Hölzle describes the software and hardware infrastructure that makes searching a multi-terabyte web index for every query with an average response time of less than a quarter of a second, with near-100% uptime, possible, as well as provide an overview of the main problems facing a web search, software architecture, servers and compact rack hardware designs." - UWTV (Series Title: CSE Colloquia - 2002, The Google Linux Cluster)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aamir might put a dent on Sarkar Raj

I am referring to the latest Bollywood releases - Aamir and Sarkar Raj. Frankly Aamir was not even on my to-watch list. I was eagerly waiting for Sarkar Raj though since I had enjoyed Sarkar a lot. But after reading through the reviews of Aamir and also I did like Rajeev Khandelwal in whatever few episodes of Left Right Left I watched; I decided to watch Aamir before Sarkar Raj.

When you go for something without any expectation; if it turns out to be bad you do not mind because no expectation means to expect it to be bad but if its good you are overwhelmed. With Aamir it was the second! Splendid acting by Rajeev with a fresh and crisp storyline. The movie is equally thought provoking. Its surely a must watch.

Sarkar Raj was bit less than what I expected. I felt it has the same storyline as Sarkar, I do not know how many of you will agree with me but I can draw parallel between the two in every sequence. I wont do that here as many of you are yet to watch it. For me, it was more if old wine in new bottle. Nevertheless is a RGV typical, topped with as always beautiful acting by Abhishek and Amitabh Bachan, so you will surely enjoy.

On pure merits both are very good movies, but Aamir edges ahead being different!

P.S. - Somehow I do not tend to agree that Sarkar or Sarkar Raj is based on any political family but I find it very close to what one would call an 'Indian' adaptation of The Godfather series.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

My latest exploits with lens @ McLeod, HP

Trip to McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh

Last weekend we went for team outing to McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh. It was almost 2 years since my last escape from office. Hill Stations are always my favorite. And with weeks of hot climate in Delhi, the whole team wanted to go to a cool place. There are so many options around Delhi deciding the destination was a tough call, but everyone agreed that it has to be a non-regular spot.
Many people know it by the name Dharamshala and actually McLeod is suburb of Dharamshala and also has second name 'Upper Dharamshala'. We started of from New Delhi on May 30 by train to Pathankot which we reached the next day. For Pathankot we took a cab for a 3-day to McLeod. It should take about 3 hours to reach McLeod but we reached in 6 hours thanks to Himachal RTO and the beautiful scenery on the way. McLeod is a very small place that you can mostly explore it on foot. The climate was very pleasant; exactly what we were expecting. Himalayas are so beautiful that you want to capture every second in your camera. We explored few far spots in McLeod on the second day.
On the last day it was really very sad to sign-off from such a soothing place but as someone has said life must go on. We pushed of from McLeod on June 2, exploring Kangra valley on the way. Its still very hard to believe we are back in the maddening traffic and heat of Delhi.
I do not think I did full justice to McLeod with my adjectives above, so experience it for yourself ...

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