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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Did you Bing?


This is the latest web search offering from Microsoft, which calls it a Decision Engine as it is supposed to help make decisions apart from searching. Read here what Microsoft has to say about it.

Anyway I decided to bing the web and see what it can show me. From the first impression I feel Microsoft finally seems to be understand how things should work on internet. The interface is neat and simple, though bit heavy with graphics. The web search has some nice features like ability to suggest related searches, provide a preview to page contents without opening and also suggested alternatives for the search result. Shopping search is where I found Bing really good. It could help compare prices, show reviews, product pictures, and even offers cashbacks!! Also I liked the bird's eye view of the Bing Map search, which is based on the Microsoft Virtual Earth now called Bing Maps for Enterprise.

Overall impressive, I will not compare it with Google search yet. Mainly because today I was just poking around and didn't have anything sensible to search. I will be surely using bing as the second search option after google for my future searches. Lets see if bing can become the first option in days to come.


Chinmay said...

hey I truly agree bud !MS seems to have done pretty well and I like the way Bing classifies (or lets us classify) search results in an intuitive manner !

Lets hope that MS keeps improvising its Decision engine and rest assured we'll keep visiting it often :)

Khuman Ngakpa said...

Search for word like 'sex' on Bing. You will find that Bing won't do it rather it would ask to change your search word.

At certain point of time, Bing is going to suck.

Saptarshi De said...


I don't know about you but I could bing for 'sex'. I guess since MS calls it decision engine, its decided you shouldn't search 'sex'. ;)

I think bing has much better potential than its predecessor, msn and live search. In some ways it is intuitive, though I will say its still not there yet but lets see how it shapes up.